Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Book Soon

I have been working on my next flat earth book, entitled: "My Flat Earth." It will be featured here. It will feature my testimony, along with proofs of God's wonderful flat plane earth. It will also feature short testimonies from:

Kan Ev Art
Ryan James
Adam Gray
Brad Pubwaite
Brengle JC Lalhimpuia
Chris Bowen
Dan'ial Amatyahu
Gary Dubhda
Jamison Deguc
Jessica Mason
Mallory Freedom
Mark Fruci
Thomas Thompson
Travis Seidenstriker

I hope to see this complete soon. It is a labor of love.


  1. God bless this work , Gary dowds here , ill be sharing Thi as much as possible

  2. When's this going to be available? Praise Yahuah El Shaddai and King Yahusha ha mashiach. #FlatEarth