What is "Flat Earth?"

Hello, my name is Pauly Hart and I'm a "Flat Earther."

"That's ridiculous" you say.

"No, it's true. I believe that the earth is not an oblate pearoid spinning through space."

I'm a believer in an "Intelligent Designer" - that He created Human-kind fully human.

I'm a believer in an "Intelligent Designer" - that He made the earth enclosed and stationary.

I believe that He's best described in the Protestant Canon of the Bible, all 70 books (Psalms being 5 books).

This is what I believe.

You may hate me for it.
You may laugh.
You may ignore me.
You may threaten to come over to my house and cut off my head (true story).
You may show up at my doorstep with a gun (also a true story).

I will not apologize for my beliefs nor will I change them based upon anything other than:

1) God speaking to me.
2) Good, repeatable, empirical science.

I am a blood bought, water baptized, speaking in tongues, holy roller, who also keeps Torah.

You can hate me for that too, if you so desire.

But I will live my life daily, in accordance to a real and literal Bible.

Some of you will likely mock and scoff me and leave at this point [clicks away] but others will be so enraged and angered and thirsty for fuel to burn me in effigy, or literally at the stake... As to press on, desirous of more and better information.

This, I will freely give to you.

Freely, I have received, and so concurrently, freely I give.

Some of you will be like "Neo" in "The Matrix" and will take the pill that pushes you forward.

It is to you that I gladly appeal.

Take the blue pill and read on:

You still desire to understand what I went through, what led me to this "unfortunate turn of events" and how mad I must be to still believe it after all these years. If the analogy of the pills does not appeal to you (Thanks Hollywood,) I give you a better one, one that I believe is more apt for what happened to me, and what will happen to you.

To crawl out of the cave. To break free of the lies that have oppressed you your entire life. You've taken the red pill and now you travel downward (or upward) out of the system. You are being challenged and pushed beyond what you believe you may know.

The first road block you encounter is called "Cognitive Dissonance" and it happens to all of us. We believe in something so much and for so long, that to break free of it seems ridiculous. Here's an episode snippet from "The West Wing" that shows something of what most people went through when they heard about the "Flat Earth."

On this note, I would invite you to start shaking off some of the things you "learned in school." Unless you had a very fortunate experience to be home schooled, or go to a special parochial or private school, you have been "sanitized" to be released into adulthood by our modern school system. I do not think that you doubt that it is not what it could be. For one small instance, rather than teach trigonometry, why not teach us how to balance a check-book?

The "Prussian School System" dominates our world today. It trains children how to be good students, good employees, and good soldiers.

Now, let's think for a minute. What were the three largest thrusts of science in school? Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Biology is tainted because of the teaching of the theory of Darwinian Evolution and the outlawing of the teaching of Creationism. Ben Stein made an entire movie out of this point. It's worth a look to see him interviewing the very famous Richard Dawkins.

Physics told us many things about the earth that we've proven just aren't so. Why don't we fly off into space when we jump? If we spin, rotate, and the solar system spins and rotates, and the local group does, and the galaxy does, and the universe does, and the multi-verse does... Why aren't we light seconds away each time we leave the "planet?"

"Gravity." You say. "The unproven theory of Gravity," I respond. No test has ever proven that mass attracts mass in a vacuum. None. It's a wild theory and doesn't work. Try density and buoyancy instead.

Chemistry isn't so bad... Except that they go back to the notions that we are nothing more than molecular accidents... Tying in with the Theories already discussed.

The largest lie perpetuated by the school system is the idea that we are an insignificant pale blue dot floating along in a galaxy full of stars among zillions in the cosmos. Almost every classroom that I have been in from preschool 4 to 8th grade had a globe in it, or a pull-down Mercator projection map.

In my research, I began with the "Cone of Uncertainty" in mind... Working my way towards my goal. I wanted to not make promises to myself along the way. I needed to peel back all of the layers that I "thought I knew."

My grandfather, upon hearing that we landed on the moon, laughed aloud and mocked them. "They're somewhere out in the desert!" He said. He was an Earth Scientist, a Seismologist by trade. When my father told me of this story, I thought it strange. It didn't work with any Star Trek episode I could figure, so it was "just one of those funny things Grandpa said."

Little did I know, that, after years of research, not being able to go to the moon, is one of the largest indicators of living in an enclosed system that I know of.

That's a pretty good introduction I think.

Here's something to chew on.

[note: the above "200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball by eric dubay" often gets deleted by youtube. please search for it, in your browser, if the above video does not play or is not enabled in your country.]

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