Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wrapping it all up for the book release

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The Internet Version (Parts 1-4) is live for viewing and download. Part 5 will be online by itself at the Genesis 1 Games site for the time being. It has been a journey! Wow! I can say since this is my first big collaboration that it has been a learning experience! I have lots of room to grow I guess, but I'm learning! Let me say that none of this would have been possible without the crack-shot superstars that I had on hand!

Thanks to all my wonderful writers who made this dream a reality! I could sing your praises for a long time, but here's a quick note to keep you encouraged!

Thomas - Bro! You're so humble it's awesome! I wish you well on this journey!

Brengle - You make me smile man! I want to see you translate this thing into your people's tongue!

Jessica - You're a mom supreme! Your testimony is awesome and speaks wonders to your witness!

Mark - You're such a great guy to know! I love you man. I hope life gives you more blessings daily!

Adam - What a unique and caring soul! You remind me of the Apostle John with your purity!

Mallory - You make me laugh so much! You're a trooper! Never give up! Never surrender!

Gary - You're a humble warrior sir! I am honored to know such a righteous guy as yourself!

Kan - Wow you amaze me every day! I wish I had your talents! God is going to bless you!

Brad - I wish I could be there for a bro hug! I love you buddy. You're brave! Be braver still!

Chris - Ha! You're a funny guy and you stay strong man! Don't give in! Give it all to HIM!

Dani'al - It is a joy and a blessing to know you! I am humbled and honored that you're my friend!

Jamison - Wow, you hold back but when you shoot, it's like a sniper! Always a clean shot! Love it!

Ryan - Bro, your leadership is par none. God is going to continue to use you in bigger things! Be ready!

Travis - A man of God! You're one of the sharpest tools in the shed! Ravenous for the Word!

Michael - Preach the Word! I could sit and take notes on your stuff! Great things are ahead!

Todd - Bold as a lion! Never giving up and crushing the enemy where he might be found! Go for it!