Monday, June 3, 2019

Biblical Cosmology, new book

biblical cosmology - a new work by pauly hart with brandt wessels.

i hope to bring this book to market with great speed. the knowledge is wholesome and good, as it comes straight from sola scriptura.

as with "my flat earth" i had a lot of help from friends. below are some questions about the book answered.

questions about my newest book answered:

q) will it be free like your last flat earth book?

a) mostly yes. i will give away all the text on the website just like i did with "my flat earth" at

q) why did you write another flat earth book?

a) i did it because people don't believe me when i tell them that the bible talks about the earth being flat and they deserve to have good doctrine.

q) are you an insane moronic hillbilly who really thinks the earth is flat?

a) no. although i do know it to be flat, i have an i.q. of 175, am an intp on the mbti, and a cd on the disc assessment, so you can say that i've put a lot of research into the subject. i went to seminary and study the Word a lot. i am a redneck though, because i work outdoors, and maybe a little bit of a hayseed.

q) does the bible really say the earth is flat?

a) yes. hundreds of times.

q) why does it matter that the earth is flat?

a) because God so loved THE world. Jesus isn't in love with aliens.

q) where can i find the book?

a) it will be available soon on http://BibleCos.Com

q) did you write this book yourself?

a) no. brandt wessels compiled the exhaustive list of scriptures in the back of the book, joe hill wrote the foreword, and mark fruci edited it. i also got a lot of love and support from my wife.

q) why does the cover show a globe earth?

a) look again, this is from luther's bible. he laughed at the "copernicus invention" of the globe. the image shows a top down representation of the biblical disc earth.

q) i don't believe the bible. is there other proof the earth is flat?

a) ask yourself why the government would lie to you. look up the bedford level experiment, michelson/morley, airy's failure, sagnac's light experiment, admiral byrd's antarctica's missions. look at a lake, for goodness sake. the truth is out there man. but the most important thing is that you should believe the bible. it behooves you to practice pascal's wager.

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